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AISD Poetry

Here are some poems written by the 4th grade at Atherton Elementary

Rabbit, Rabbit all alone in the hole
Won't you come out deep down in my soul?
Well it looks like it's time to go
Rabbit, Rabbit down in a hole

The poem above was written by Ms. Walker's and Mr. Stewart's class

Roses are red,
Violets are blue
You are so colorful,
I love you, green, yellow, red, blue.
I like colors
I am sure you do too.

The colorful poem above was also written by Ms. Walker's class

Ladybug, ladybug in a tree
Ladybug, ladybug red as can be
Ladybug, ladybug with eight dots
Ladybug, ladybug with two eyes that look like spots
Ladybug, ladybug with your six legs
Ladybug, ladybug laying your six eggs.

"Ladybug" was written by Mr. Stewart's class

Thank you, Atherton Elementary for your amazing poems!

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Homeschool Resource: Britannica

With Britannica Library you get:

  • Three Reading Levels: Articles are available at different reading levels! Select Level 1 for Children, Level 2 for Young Adults, Level 3 for Reference Center, or all 3.
  • Encyclopedia Articles: With related information, images, videos and more.
  • En Español: Double click any word to get the definition and the Spanish translation.
  • Use Anytime, Anywhere: Use on all devices including tablets, smartphones, and computers

Poems from the 4th Graders

The fourth graders were given an object as inspiration to come up with a poem.

Here are a few more!

My dragon flew by a castle.
No he didn't really hastle.
He has pointy scales.
But, they were covered by hail.
I caught him with a lasso.


A polar bear is white.
The polar bear lost the fight.
The bear will dance if it wins.
It won't cry to it's chin.
The polar bear sleeps in the night.


A big brown bunny stares at the sky.
A big brown bunny starts to cry.
The bunny is crying so bad,
A snake comes over and says are you sad?
He says yes, and gets a bless.

More to come!


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Congratulations Liam! March's Early Childhood Literacy Basket Winner!

The library's early childhood literacy baskets are targeted to support early literacy development of babies, ages 0 to 24 months. Proud cardholders of a My First Library Card are eligible to enter monthly drawings for a chance to win a literacy basket designed just for babies!

Liam and his mom regularly visit the Southwest branch library and enjoy Bouncing Babies, which Ms.Tamera holds at this location. Ms. Haczynski says Liam " loves to sing Row Row Your Boat," which he learned from Ms. Tamera. Liam's favorite book is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, now he can enjoy Dr. Seuss's ABC at home, too!   


We hope Liam and his mom will love the puzzle, the bus toy, and the other goodies that were in this month's basket!  


You too can enter your child (ages 0 to 24 months) in the monthly drawing for an early childhood literacy basket! Join us in all the fun at your local library!

Winning Is simple:

  1. Pick up a frequent user card from your local library.
  2. Each time you and your child attended a library storytime or check out a book using My First Library Card, you will receive a stamp from a library staff.
  3. Enter your completed frequent user card in the monthly drawing after acquiring 8 stamps.
  4. Your card may be drawn to win a basket full of goodies including books, a music CD, and much more!
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Celebrate Women's History Month


March is Women’s History month and here are several of my favorite books about extraordinary women. I really enjoyed learning about how they used their strength, courage, and determination to succeed.  I encourage you to check them out at your next library visit.


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Fourth grade poetry

Hale Elementary 4th grade classes are proud to present their group poems.

"Shake Shake Shake"

Hard as a rock
Makes noise like a rattle snake's tail
Colorful design like a rainbow
It's as brown as a tree stump
It goes "shake shake shake"
It looks like a lollypop
Has a noise everyone wants to hear
You can hear from far, you can hear from near
It has a noise for all to hear
"Shake Shake Shake"


Looking for Egypt in a sand storm
Spinning around like a tornado
Golden pyramid appears
Bubbling water like a flooded aquarium
Up, down, shake around
sparkling glass with a snake head


The glitter sparkles like the moon light shining on the ocean.
Glitter is like a disco ball at a crazy party.
It's dazzling like a prom dress, astonishing like a diamond ring.
When you shake it in the bottle it sounds like maracas and it feels like sand on a beach.

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2014 Poetry Challenge!

The Arlington Public Library is excited to announce that we are recipients of a National Endowment for the Arts in Education grant to promote appreciation for and creation of poetry to Arlington’s youth. The library staff have begun our Poetry Challenges 2014 at some of the elementary school 4th graders.

The 4th graders were given objects as inspiration to create their own poems. Here are just a few of their examples.

From Morton Elementary:

Oh Owl, Oh Owl, How big your eyes are.
Your eyes are blue like the sky.
You are meant for Valentine's day,
and when we are together we soar and fly high.


Looks like a flower,
and bouncing with power.
With black studs,
looks like a mug holder for folders.
It bounces..boing, boing, boing.



Amazing Storyteller at Black History Festival

I am extremely excited that the Griot (gree-o) storyteller Melody Bell will be performing at the library’s upcoming Black History Festival.  I have seen her several times and just love how she brings stories alive with dance, music, and poetry.  Ms. Bell’s storytelling is always dramatic and energetic, especially when she gives the whole audience a chance to play drums and other traditional instruments along with her. I can not wait to join in at this amazing storytelling session that afternoon at 3:30pm!  I hope to see your whole family there.

Ms. Bell is only one of the wonderful presenters at the event.  Celebrate African-American history and culture with a variety of featured exhibits, music and dance performances, lectures, film, kids’ crafts and more. This family festival will take place at the Central Library on Saturday, February 22, from 12 – 5p.m. 

Please visit the library’s Black History Month Festivalpage to see the current schedule and list of activities.

Find an Accelerated Reader at the Library!

Accelerated Reader is a special program in which some schools participate. Students read specific books and take tests at their school for points. The best way to see if a book is on the school's AR List is to refer to the school's library website. By accessing that library's site, you should be able to refer to the list and see what books each school includes on their list.

Another way you can search for AR books is by typing in "Accelerated Reader" into the catalog. If you have a particular level, such as "accelerated reader ar lg 2.8 0.5", by typing that into the search box, the field will narrow. To translate, this search means that you are looking for an accelerated reader book for the lower grades, grade level 2.8 worth .5 points. However, this should be checked against the list available on each school's website as all books do not have available tests at all sites.

Affirming Books for Little Girls

Start Black History Month off right with this list of empowering books for African American girls. For a complete description of each of the books, check out For Harriet. They also have a list of 25 More Empowering Books for Black Girls.